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It’s finally starting to look—and feel—like fall. Between football tailgating and festive decorating, the seasonal expenses are just starting to come in. With those on top of regular monthly bills, it’s hard to find a way to cover it all. But there are plenty of things to do to save a little bit extra cash, just before the major holidays arrive.

  • DIY! From autumn decorations to Halloween costumes, jump on Pinterest and DIY blogs for low-cost and creative ideas to spice up your home décor. It’s amazing what can be “upcycled” from the dollar store or even things just laying around the house. Craft projects are also a great creativity builder for kids to help with too!
  • Coupons! Clipping coupons may seem like a thing of the past, but savings aren’t if you’ve got a smartphone. Most major grocery and box stores have mobile apps to select weekly deals. Spend a few minutes picking out your favorites now and then just scan your phone the next time you’re in line stocking up for a tailgate party and watch the dollars roll off!
  • Trade! This one is more for the women…clothing exchange parties are now trending as a fun, and functional, social event. Fall to most women means new clothes, and a new coat, boots and accessories are essential—but they just have to be new…to you! Bulkier items like coats and purses are typically low wear-and-tear and perfect for swapping. So have your girlfriends over, trade looks and rock your new faves all autumn long!