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Sometimes life can seem so unfair. It certainly felt that way for Ricky. Newly divorced, between attorney fees, the child support and his new home, he was flat broke. Even though he never missed a day of work, he couldn’t seem to make ends meet — so he turned to a title pawn. He knew from the start that it wasn’t a good idea, but he had no idea just how bad it was until he was trapped. The title pawn was charging him 150% interest. Ouch. One call to 1800NewDeal and he found freedom. Within an hour, we had set him up with a real loan and payments he could afford. When we saved him from paying 150% interest, he said it felt like winning the lottery! It felt pretty good on our end too. If you’ve made the same mistake as Ricky and find yourself stuck in a title pawn, it’s time for your New Deal. Give us a call, or visit us today at 1800NewDeal.