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When Tom first called 1800NewDeal, he had been trapped in a title pawn for three years. The anxiety in his voice was clear, as he described the helpless feeling he had when he realized he could never afford to pay off his title pawn. He was actually calling from the side of the road. He’d taken a different route home from work to avoid traffic and he looked up to see an 1800NewDeal billboard. He said it was like a sign from above. That billboard gave him a surge of hope, so he immediately pulled over and called 1800NewDeal. When I told him that 1800NewDeal could save him money, the line went silent. I thought maybe we’d been disconnected, but then finally Tom spoke up and said he was speechless. Three years stuck in a title pawn and within 30 minutes, he found freedom. We are here to do the same for you. If you’re trapped in a title pawn, it’s time for your New Deal. Call us or visit us today.