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We see all sorts of emotions here at 1800NewDeal. From laughter to tears to hugs and high fives, we’ve seen it all. Trish is a good example. She was so overwhelmed with her title pawn…she had been working hard and making payments for years and what she owed had only gone down by $50 dollars. All her money was just going to pay interest only. One stop into 1800NewDeal and everything changed. Not only did we immediately lower her payments, when she realized we could save her money, well, that’s when the water works started. They were tears of relief…big, happy tears, as she called them. It’s a good thing we keep extra boxes of tissues around here. She still gets misty when she thinks about the moment she got her New Deal. Is it time for you to get a New Deal? Stop by or give 1800NewDeal a call today so you can have your New Deal Moment.