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The relief we bring our customers really makes us love our jobs at 1800NewDeal. One customer in particular, Valerie, is definitely someone that we won’t soon forget. She was absolutely giddy with relief after she called 1800NewDeal. She had been trapped in a title pawn that she got to help pay for her son’s tuition. Like a lot of title pawn customers, Valerie honestly didn’t see a way out. With interest rates so high, she could barely make the minimum payments. She called it a “the title pawn nightmare.” Finally, one day she was talking about her situation with a co-worker. who told her to call 1800NewDeal. We were able to lower Valerie’s payment on the spot, which resulted in Valerie’s welcome giddy laughter and intense sense of relief. Now Valerie’s paying it forward, telling everyone she knows about 1800NewDeal. If you or someone you know is stuck in a title pawn, it’s time for a New Deal. Call or visit us today so you can have your own New Deal Moment.