Valerie’s New Deal Moment: Giddy with Relief

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The relief we bring our customers really makes us love our jobs at 1800NewDeal. One customer in particular, Valerie, is definitely someone that we won’t soon forget. She was absolutely giddy with relief after she called 1800NewDeal. She had been trapped in a title pawn that she got to help pay for her son’s tuition…. Read more »

Tom’s New Deal: A Sign from Above

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When Tom first called 1800NewDeal, he had been trapped in a title pawn for three years. The anxiety in his voice was clear, as he described the helpless feeling he had when he realized he could never afford to pay off his title pawn. He was actually calling from the side of the road. He’d… Read more »

Finance Terminology 101

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When the time comes to take out a loan, whether it’s for a new car, first home, major repair, or just to have a little extra cash in your pocket—it is easy to feel like lenders have the upper hand. Before you even get to the loan, finance officers throw around terms like Principal, Loan-to-Value… Read more »

Why 1800NewDeal

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Are you trapped in a high interest rate title pawn? Are you looking for alternatives to a title pawn? Then 1800NewDeal is for you. By refinancing your current title pawn through 1800NewDeal, we can help you lower your payments and get out of debt, fast. Don’t let yourself overpay and waste your money with a… Read more »